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About us

Chocolate and chocolate desserts factory “PREST” reintroduced the Smilies brand in 2023. Equipped with modern machines from Italian manufacturers and a careful selection of new products that will enrich the factory’s assortment, we intend to cater to both local and global markets with new flavors of chocolate eggs and balls, and brand new products such as chocolate tablets and bars. We will also offer a collection of exquisite chocolate creations for refined palates and expectations.

The factory exclusively sources its primary raw materials from Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy, ensuring the standard and quality of end products. The entire production process is based on the technology and recipes developed in these countries, which ensure that “Smilies” products meet the highest standards of these countries, renowned for the finest chocolate and chocolate pralines.

The Smilies brand set high standards when it first emerged on the Serbian and global markets nearly 20 years ago, and our goal is to maintain the leading position in the future, which we will base on:
expertise and experience of employees who directly participate in the production process
quality – by using the highest quality raw materials, state of the art machines, and implementing the necessary standards,
continuous development by increasing productivity and competitiveness


To make everyday, ordinary things special, with divine flavors that stimulate the senses to smile.

Knowing that hardly anyone can resist a sweet bite to top off a perfect meal, we strive to create a plethora of choices with Smilies sweets. Using the creativity and know-how of our technologists, we aim to make people happy, satisfied and fulfilled while enjoying the rich flavor of Smilies products. We wish to be a part of the family, a friend in need, that small thing that brightens your day and brings out a smile. We wish to earn the trust of entire generations to come and witness children grow up with us!


To become recognizable in the confectionery industry for the quality of our products, and to develop a long-lasting and solid relationship with our clients and consumers.

The cornerstones of our business are responsibility, commitment, sustainability, transparency and teamwork. We are focused on development in every aspect – from new products, sustainable technologies and innovative packaging to new markets. We follow this path guided by consumers’ wishes, needs and expectations, which we listen closely and strive to understand and fulfil.